The Wave
Movie and a Mixer
Teen tickets are $5*
Immediately following The Wave post film discussion (approximately 5:45) – 7:15 p.m. Tickets for the mixer are an additional $5*.
*Purchase your Movie tickets and Mixer tickets together for only $7 total
The Teen Film Board invites you to join them and continue the discussion of The Wave while making new friends. Your Mixer ticket includes:
Door Prizes (Gift Cards to Best Buy, i-Tunes, Target, Starbucks, and Chipotle, and more!)
Kosher Pizza Dinner with Veggies, Dessert and Beverages

High school teacher Rainer Wenger is not enthusiastic about teaching autocracy during project week and neither are the students enrolled.Contemporary young Germans well indoctrinated about the evils of fascism, they are confident that they would never fall prey to its seductive nature. Their teacher, responding to their smug complacency, spontaneously designs an informal “experiment” in social behavior to demonstrate how principles such as social order and the power of unity provide the foundation for fascism. The students find themselves empowered by this approach which removes social differences and fulfills their powerful need to belong and they quickly adopt the ideals they had earlier denounced. Alcohol, drugs, teen suicide, and sexuality are among the challenges facing these contemporary German high school students as they begin to consider what the future might hold for them. This insightful film is based upon a true story that took place in Palo Alto in the late sixties. (Recommended for adults and high school students) Colorado Premiere

Sponsored by the Rose Youth Foundation