Grades 1- 12

At the MACC’s Art Academy, skilled artists, who are also experienced educators, nurture the creativity in every child. Students have an intensive art experience using quality materials in a studio environment. Whether they are learning the history of art or developing works of pure imagination, young artists will enjoy expressing their inner visions.

Class Locations

Graland Country Day School and JCC/MACC
This summer most art academy classes will be housed at the Graland Country Day School, just blocks away from the MACC. Administrative staff will meet you at the front doors of Graland and will direct you and your child to their art room. This site change is a result of exciting remodeling that is happening to our studio spaces! Please check class location carefully.

Graland Country Day School, 55 Clermont, Denver CO, 80220
MACC, 350 S Dahlia St, Denver CO, 80246

Required Forms

Immunization & Behavior
In order to provide a healthy environment for all student, we require immunization and behavior forms to be complete before a child will be admitted to class. Any student unable to attend the audition due to missing forms will not be able to be cast in the show.

Supervised Lunch

Students enrolled in ½ day camps have the option to enroll in supervised lunch (this is recommended for students enrolled in both morning and afternoon camp). Students enrolled in a full day camp should NOT enroll in supervised lunch, as the cost is incorporated in the class fee.


While we do provide smocks, we strongly recommend that your child wear clothing that you don’t mind getting stained or dirty. Students taking ceramics classes in the Ceramics Studio need to wear sneakers – no flip-flops, sandals or Crocs.

Grade Levels

Grade levels refer to the grade students will be entering in the Fall. Students entering Grade 3  may choose to participate either with older children in Grades 3-6, or with younger children in Grades 1-3. Likewise for students entering Grade 6.

Completed Works Pick-Up

Due to the nature of the ceramic process, not all of the projects will be available for pick up until Thursday of the following week. All work will be wrapped and labeled with each students, name, class title, and will be located on the shelving in the hallway near the Ceramics studio. Because our space is limited, we encourage you to return as soon as possible to collect your student’s artwork.