Wolf Theatre Academy

Grades PreK–12

At the Wolf Theatre Academy, we set the HIGHEST STANDARDS for our faculty and students. Our students work with THEATRICAL PROFESSIONALS who are experienced in the art of theatre EDUCATION. At the younger ages, we emphasize a POSITIVE, nurturing style of teaching with students growing through ENCOURAGEMENT in an environment that supports their development as individuals and as artists.

Although our teaching focus shifts for older groups to QUALITY PERFORMANCE, we are proud that most students complete our programs with a sense of incredible accomplishment for a job well done. AGE-APPROPRIATE programming allows younger children to focus on FUN, creation and fantasy, while older students learn the SKILLS that will enable them to approach both CLASSICAL and CONTEMPORARY material with ease.

ONE & THREE-WEEK classes include creative dramatics, workshop performance classes, technical apprenticeships, audition techniques and fully mounted mainstage productions.
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