Wolf Summer Theatre Academy

Grades PreK – 12

At the Wolf Theatre Academy, we set the highest standards for our faculty and students. Our students work with theatrical professionals who are experienced in the art of theatre education. At the younger ages, we emphasize a positive, nurturing style of teaching with students growing through encouragement in an environment that supports their development as individuals and as artists. Although our teaching focus shifts for older groups to quality performance, we are proud that most students complete our programs with a sense of incredible accomplishment for a job well done. Age appropriate programming allows younger children to focus on fun, creation and fantasy, while older students learn the skills that will enable them to approach both classical and contemporary material with ease. One & three-week classes include creative dramatics, workshop performance classes, technical apprenticeships, audition techniques and fully mounted mainstage productions.

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Summer 2015 Mainstage Productions:

Grease • Hamlet • Thoroughly Modern Millie

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Morning Schedule Change

NEW – longer morning classes, shortened lunch period and no separate lunch fee. Thanks to helpful parent feedback, we will be changing how our class schedule works. Our morning classes will run from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and now include a 30 minute supervised lunch as part of our programming. We will be incorporating this supervision into the all day programming as well. Generally, participants will eat from 12:30-1:00 p.m. This will mean a longer learning experience for our participants. We have included our former “lunch-in” fee as part of the morning and all day class fees – meaning we have streamlined the process and there is no need to register separately for lunch.

Required Forms

Immunization & Behavior Please note that we require immunization forms to be complete before a child will be admitted to class. Our primary reason is to ensure that we are providing a healthy environment for all of our students. Please review these forms carefully. Any student unable to attend the audition due to missing forms will not be able to be cast in the show. Additionally, we require a behavior form to ensure that everyone is abiding by our policies and knows the consequences of their misconduct.

Why Academy Is Different Than Camp

(For Grades 3+) For students in Grades 3 and higher, the Wolf Theatre Academy’ s summer experience should not be confused with a typical recreational camp experience. For the youngest participants (Pre-k – Grade 3), our classes are similar to those in traditional camps, where programs are conducted as structured play. Once students move to the older classes (Grade 3+), we are a serious training academy where the focus of our program is quality performance.While participants are supervised at all times during academy hours, they will be expected to work on their own at home and when not directly working with faculty. Participants with leading roles will be asked to spend time studying at home. We encourage parents who are looking for a more recreational camp experience to take this into consideration when making their summer choices.

Grade Levels Option Years

Grades 3 and 6 Grade levels, in this guide, refer to the grade students will be entering in the Fall of 2015. Students entering grades 3 and 6 have two options. They may either participate with younger students, which gives them greater responsibility and the possibility of larger roles in Dramatics Performance Workshops, or they may choose to work with older students and face the challenge of more mature work. Students at the younger end of the grade requirements should expect smaller roles in productions and workshops.


*Day One Auditions One asterisk, after the title of a workshop, indicates that acting  auditions and the casting of roles are part of the class. It should be noted that students do not need to audition before enrollment and all students enrolled will be guaranteed a part in the play/workshop. Auditions for individual roles will be held on the first day of class, and rehearsals begin after roles have been assigned. Barring absences or policy violations, each student will retain his or her role for the duration of the class. Generally no preparation is required for these auditions.

**Day One MUSICAL Auditions Two asterisks, after the title of a workshop, indicates that both musical and acting auditions and the casting of roles are part of the class. It should be noted that students do not need to audition before enrollment and all students enrolled will be guaranteed a part in the play/workshop. Auditions for individual roles will be held on the first day of class, and rehearsals begin after roles have been assigned. Barring absences or policy violations, each student will retain his or her role for the duration of the class. The musical workshops are slightly different than our non-musical workshops. It should be noted that no musical experience is necessary to sign up for these classes. However, all students enrolled in these musical workshops must come to the first day prepared to sing a song from a Broadway musical. Recommendations and further instructions will be provided once you sign up. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the music from the show before the first day of this workshop. Also, in order to facilitate the rehearsal of additional music and choreography, we have increased our Sunday rehearsal time by one hour (from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.). In addition, our one week musical in the Wolf Theatre will rehearse from 11 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. due to the addition of microphones.

Audition Techniques Workshop

Grades 3-12
Aug. 10 – 14, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Pluss Theatre
$250/Friend; $300/Guest

This all-day intensive workshop, designed for both younger and older students, is valuable for beginners and experienced auditioners alike. This class will prepare students for every type of theatrical audition, from the Wolf Theatre Academy’s mainstage productions to school productions, DSA, college entrance auditions, community and professional theatre. You’ll learn the secrets of a successful audition, from effective piece selection to preparation, presentation, resumes, cold-readings and more. All students will need to prepare a short (one minute), memorized monologue for the first day of class (call for suggestions if you are unfamiliar with monologue preparation). Students interested in musical theatre can also prepare 16 bars of a song. If you want to learn more about the difficult and mysterious process of auditions, this class is for you! Note that this class includes lunch supervision.

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While the objective of the summer performance classes at the Wolf Theatre Academy is to give all students equal opportunities, we cannot promise specific parts to any student, and no student should expect a leading role or preferential treatment in any production. All of our directors are given the professional courtesy of casting the productions as they see fit. This is a subjective determination based on their experience, the composition of actors assembled, the specific needs of the play and the outcome on the day of auditions. We make every effort to ensure that all children are engaged by the collaborative effort needed to put on a play, and that every student finishes the session with a positive feeling. Some children, especially those who have less theatrical experience or who are moving into a new age category, may initially be disappointed with their casting. Parents should understand that even if a child is disappointed with his or her casting, tuition cannot be refunded.

Attendance at Performance Classes

(Mainstage & Pluss performance classes) Students who will miss even a single performance of a production should not register for the class. These classes are designed to culminate in the performance and the entire curriculum is prepared with that in mind. Therefore student participation in performances are mandatory. Students who miss even one day of any class for any reason, including illness, may be re-cast at the instructor’s discretion. Extensive absences may result in the reduction or even elimination of a student’s performance responsibilities. MACC will not refund tuition because of a student’s absences.

Holiday Scheduling

Rehearsals & Performances: June 21 (Father,s Day) and July 4 (Independence Day) Please read the class descriptions carefully, as some workshops list mandatory attendance at Sunday rehearsals and performances. However, there will be no Academy rehearsals or performances on Friday evenings or at any time on Saturdays. Please note also that some workshops have mandatory rehearsals on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21). Families planning activities or trips on Father’s Day should not sign up for classes that conflict with their plans. Also, since the actual July 4 holiday falls on a Saturday this year (a day that we are closed), our theatre classes will have different schedules based on their activity. All Creative Dramatics (Preschool – 1 grade; ages 4 – 6) and Playmaking and Set Design (Grades 1 – 3) WILL NOT meet on Friday, July 3 (the national observance of the July 4th holiday). Since these classes normally meet Monday – Friday, they will just have a short, four day, Monday – Thursday schedule. However, the performance classes (in the Pluss and the Wolf Theatres) WILL meet on Friday, July 3. This is to ensure enough rehearsal for our public performances.