By Aurand Harris
Directed by Billie McBride

Recommended for Grades PreK-6

PawsDon’t miss one of the most beloved children’s plays of all time! The world famous Aesop fable Androcles and the Lion roars to life on our stage. Adapted by the most produced children’s theatre playwright in the world, Aurand Harris, this musical version is presented in the broad, slap stick, Commedia dell’Arte style – offering a fast-paced, hilarious and heartwarming rendering of this classic tale. The story takes place in ancient Rome and follows the adventures of a slave named Androcles. Ill-treated by his cruel master, the miser Pantalone, he helps some young lovers outsmart the braggart Captain, but is falsely accused of theft and escapes into the forest. There he discovers a lion with a thorn in his paw, and despite his fear of being eaten, he helps the lion by removing the thorn. The two become friends before both are ultimately recaptured. It all leads to an unusual scene in the arena before the bad guys are brought to justice and our unlikely friends get their happy ending.

Themes include the power of friendship and kindness, the importance of freedom, the destructive nature of prejudice, vanity and greed, and the value of gratitude. A study guide/teacher supplement will be provided to all school groups.

Performances for the Public: Sundays, 1 p.m. (March 8 – April 26; no performance on April 5)

Tickets: $10/child, student, senior; $12/adult
Experience the magic of live theatre as a family
Tickets: $12/general admission; $10/children, students & seniors
For tickets or more information, call 303-316-6360.


Androcles and the Lion runs 1 hour and 10 minutes. It is recommended for children 5 years and older. Children under 4 may find the story a little scary.

Performances for School Groups, 10 a.m. (March 4 – May 1, 2015) 

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Cost: $8/student; Two adults/group free
Call (303) 316-6360 to schedule your group!
(ask about discounts for Title I schools)

QUICK TEACHER REFERENCE: Themes & Curriculum Ties for Androcles:

gratitude • loyalty • freedom • bravery • good deeds • slavery/indentured servants • unlikely friendships • respect for animals • Commedia dell’Arte • farce and comic styles • character stereotypes/ archetypes • world history • fables

Standards addressed by Androcles and the Lion:

CaveSignReading, Writing and Communicating: 1, Oral Expression & Listening
Social Studies: 1, History; 3, Economics; 4, Civics
Dance: 4, Reflect, Connect & Respond
Music: 4, Aesthetic Valuation of Music
Drama & Theatre Arts: 3, Critically Respond; (Encore Groups also 2, Perform)


Encore! Program

Cost: $10/student; two adults/group free; $8 each additional adult; price Brochure_Chart-2015includes performance
(ask about discounts for Title I schools)

Androcles and the Lion offers ample opportunities to integrate theatre arts into an investigation of positive social skills, the value of friendship and loyalty, respect for animals, and acceptance of others.  A curriculum guide, distributed to all participating teachers, is keyed to the new Colorado Academic Standards.


  • Discussion with cast following performance
  • Theatre workshop based on the play’s themes
  • Talkback with the Cast
  • Technical Backstage Tour & Demonstration