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Sunday, February 12

8:00 p.m.

Director Level Sponsored Screening





Director: Arik Rotstein

2016/Israel/94 minutes


Hebrew with English Subtitles
**This screening is the American Premiere of Antenna**


Laughter and tears mix in this family drama that explores the hidden ways our older generation’s post-traumatic past is still shaping our lives in the present day.


Joshua, an elderly Holocaust survivor, finds himself seemingly affected by the radiation emitted from a cell phone tower located on his neighbor’s adjacent roof. His feelings escalate into an obsession as he sets out to wage war with his evil neighbor, who has leased their roof to a local cell phone company.  His wife, Sara, and three grown sons are unwillingly swept into this battle, revealing the family struggles related to an aging patriarch and forcing them to confront the dark shadow of their father’s past.


Antenna is both an intergenerational look at life in modern-day Israel as well as a glance at how inherited trauma manifests and affects families even generations later. With romance, feuds, family drama, a familiar paranoia about the detriments of technology, beloved and recognizable Israeli actors, and noteworthy writing and directing from TV veteran Arik Rotstein making his feature debut, this film is sure to include something for everyone. Antenna had its World Premiere at the Haifa International Film Festival, and we are so incredibly proud to be hosting the American Premiere!

*Mature Content