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Monday, February 20
5:30 p.m.


Director Level Sponsored Screening


Dirty Wolves
Director: Simon Casal
2015/Spain/105 minutes
Spanish, German with English Subtitles


Inspired by real events and featuring outstanding performances and beautiful cinematography, Dirty Wolves is a gripping look at a little-known chapter of World War II history.


Two sisters in rural Spain take different paths to resist the Nazis in this dramatic thriller. Manuela, a single mother, works alongside political prisoners in the wolfram (tungsten) mines, which the Nazis have seized to provide for weapons and armament for the Axis effort. Manuela’s sister, Candela, steals back the wolfram and sells it on the black market to ensure that the raw materials get out of Nazi hands. When Candela starts to help Portuguese Jews cross the border, and when Manuela agrees to help the local Resistance take down the Nazis even while being courted by the head SS officer, both sisters find themselves involved in a risky game of power. For how long can they embrace the dangers of rebellion before it catches up with them?


This film’s gorgeous cinematography, engaging performances, and mystical tone make for a beautiful feature. Even though Spain is historically portrayed as a “neutral” country, the actions of the Nazis and the resistance fighters reveal that all of Europe was truly implicated in the Second World War. Dirty Wolves has screened at Jewish Film Festivals all over the world, from Washington to Toronto and beyond. Colorado Premiere.

*Mature Content