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Thursday, February 16
5:30 p.m.


Producer Level Sponsored Screening


Fanny’s Journey

Director: Lola Doillon
2016/France/94 minutes
French with English Subtitles


Set against the backdrop of WWII and based on a true story, Fanny’s Journey is an incredible tale of bravery, strength and survival chronicling the daring adventures of a young girl forced to lead a group of frightened Jewish children on a perilous journey to freedom.


  1. Twelve-year-old Fanny and her sisters are sent from Nazi-occupied France to a secret foster home for Jewish children in Italy. But when even Italy becomes unsafe for the Jewish children, their caretakers frantically arrange for them to escape to Switzerland. When they suddenly find themselves on their own, Fanny must stealthily lead an entire group of Jewish children to safety at the Swiss border.

Variety notes that “the film is a handsome, compelling period piece that deftly portrays events through the eyes of its young protagonists. …And the final moving scenes can’t help but provoke comparisons and discussions of what is now happening to immigrants at European borders.” Beautifully shot, with a lyrical sound design and inherent suspense, and featuring incredible performances by the children, this narrative transcends its true-to-life origins and is simply a joy to watch. Fanny’s Journey has screened at the Haifa International Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Colorado Premiere.