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Producer Level Sponsored Screening
The People vs. Fritz Bauer


Director: Lars Kraume

2015/Germany/105 minutes

Narrative/Post-War/Politics/LGBTQ Themes/Germany
German, English, Yiddish with English Subtitles


Leading German actor Burghart Klaußner gives an electrifying performance as the German-Jewish prosecutor who defied his country to bring a notorious Nazi war criminal to justice, in The People vs. Fritz Bauer. –Atlanta Jewish Film Festival


Germany, 1957. Jewish Attorney General Fritz Bauer has been hunting for Nazis to bring them to justice in the German court system. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the high-ranking SS officer Adolf Eichmann, responsible for the mass deportation of European Jews in the Holocaust, is living in exile in Buenos Aires. Bauer is determined to indict Eichmann, but due to his Jewish roots and possibly licentious past, is met with a staunch and hostile bureaucracy. So he commits treason to work with those who will ensure that Eichmann be put on trial: the Israeli secret service, Mossad.


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival acknowledges how “Lars Kraume’s propulsive direction, superb period set design and costumes, and moody jazz soundtrack give the sinister proceedings a noir edge,” and how “unafraid to expose the complicity of Germany’s chancellor, as well as industrial giants such as Mercedes-Benz, The People Versus Fritz Bauer is a timely reminder of how justice can still be corrupted by economic interests.” The People vs. Fritz Bauer has screened at Jewish film festivals in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It won the 2016 Bavarian Film Award for Best Actor and multiple 2016 German Film Awards, for Best Direction, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, and Outstanding Feature Film.

*Mature content