The Elaine Wolf Theatre Construction Update – Week of June 6, 2011

After working behind the scenes with architects, construction companies and several city offices to secure all the required permits, we are really rolling up our sleeves and digging in this week! Note that all the work this summer will be on our exterior tower located to the right of the current theatre entrance. This addition will house the elevator and stairwell to the new balcony. Interior work will begin in August, once our summer program is completed. Our scheduled completion date is the end of January 2012.

A reminder that we ARE open for business during the entire construction period, so please pardon our mess!

We are delighted to introduce Foothills Commercial Builders, who will be the general contractor on the project.

Planned work this week includes moving fencing, finishing locating all underground pipes, removing area benches, generally prepping to start saw-cutting the sidewalk and moving utilities. By the end of the week we should see equipment on site drilling and digging.


We are delighted to announce that we have received a significant gift from Elaine Wolf for a major renovation of our mainstage theatre space.  The renovation will include a new balcony, accessible aisle, new stage, new electronic marquee, new lobby, new lighting and sound equipment and much more.  This summer we are working to complete all exterior elements of the project while the weather is warm.  Interior work will begin in August, once our summer program is completed.  A reminder that we are open for business during the entire construction period!!

We apologize in advance for our mess and any disruption this will cause (noise, parking, dust, etc).  Sometime in early 2012, we will proudly unveil the new state-of-the-art Elaine Wolf Theatre.